History and Culture

The following is the start to an encyclopedia about the world of the Sevalian Chronicles. Most of the material here is from the appendices to the novel.

People (in order of appearance or mention):

Jenna Mallory

Daughter of a wealthy Salaran merchant and a Rahtani princess. First commoner to be invited to become a Queen's Lady.

Peter Mallory

Jenna's older brother. First commoner to be invited to become a knight trainee.

Alexander Mallory

Jenna and Peter's father. A wealthy Salaran merchant.

Johara Mallory

Jenna's mother. A Rahtani princess born of the leader of the Hadast tribe and his favorite concubine.

Ana Mallory

Jenna's younger sister who dreams of becoming a Queen's Lady.

Alex Mallory (deceased)

Jenna's older half-brother. Recently deceased in a boating accident in Khazaran, though had been estranged from his family for some years.

Queen Mirella

Sevalian Queen and Master healer mage.

Lord Fyrian

Head of the Sevalian military and ultimately responsible for the knight trainees.

Mrs. Hawes

Head proctor in charge of the Queen's Ladies.

King Maximilian (myth)

First Sevalian King who united six lands and their peoples to form the nation. Had seven daughters, each with a different magical gift.

Lady Crystelle of Merrin

Daughter of Lord and Lady Merrin who rule the western province. A Queen's Lady.

Lady Becca

Crystelle of Merrin's younger cousin. A Queen's Lady.

Lady Yolanda

Daughter of the count ruling the province where Salara is located. A Queen's Lady.

Aurelia of Vermillion

Daughter of Lord and Lady Vermillion who rule the southeastern province, also the wealthiest province. A Queen's Lady.

Princess Aylin of Khazaran

Only daughter of the Khazaran King. Recent arrival to Sevalia and assumed to be a marriage prospect for one of the three princes. A Queen's Lady.

Toivo "Tony" Mallory (deceased)

Jenna's paternal grandfather. An escaped Tenarran slave.

'Dark Mage'

A mysterious mage Jenna finds living in a castle in the Zidarian mountains. Suspected to be Khazaran.

Master Durand

The Queen's Ladies' riding instructor. Formerly the riding instructor of the knight trainees. He left his position over a conflict with Lord Nigen.


Stable hand working under Master Durand.

King Antony

Sevalian King and fire mage.

Prince Sebastian

Third and youngest Sevalian prince. Only known living defense mage. Knight trainee.

Vincent of Vermillion

Lady Aurelia's brother and Peter's friend. Knight trainee.

Lord Nigen

Tenarran Lord in exile in Sevalia. Assumed the position as the knight trainees' riding instructor.

Magista Delia

Queen's Ladies' magic instructor. Guild healer mage.

Volta (myth)

Seventh daughter of King Maximilian. A mind mage.

Lord 'Lucas' Harcourt

Lord of Harcourt Tower and high mage of all Sevalia. Last known mind mage in the Towers.

Master Barrett

Sevalian court stable master.

Sevalla (myth)

Eldest daughter of King Maximilian. A defense mage.

'Black Magister' (deceased)

Half-Sevalian, half-Khazaran mind mage. Tower-trained before going rogue and joining Khazaran in the mage wars, where he was defeated and killed some two hundred years prior to the story.

Violeta Mallory

Jenna's paternal grandmother. Originally from Zidaria.


Jenna's uncle. Johara's brother. A Rahtani mage.

Prince Dominic

Sevalian Crown Prince and avid horseman.

Prince Eamon

Middle Sevalian Prince and avid swordsman.

Sir Raymond

The heir to the title of Lord Tal-Kenn until his father disinherited him. Prince Dominic's close friend.

Sir Gerard

Navian knight and family friend of the Mallorys. Lord Fyrian's son.

Lord Martis

Tenarran Lord in exile and nephew to King Antony. His entire immediate family was killed in the Tenarran rebellion. Becomes a knight trainee.

Elizabeth "Bets" Mallory

Jenna's aunt who owns a dress shop in Salara.

Lady Constance

Daughter of the Healing Guildmaster. Niece of Magista Delia. A Queen's Lady.

Gerald Landon

King Antony's steward.



A magical kingdom with six provinces, seven if including the royal territory ruled directly by the King, which is referred to only as Sevalia. Each province is ruled by a Lord and has three counties each ruled by a Count. (Capital is Sevale)


Southeast Province, east of the Sevalla River, south of the eastern road, west of the Zidarian Mountains. Consists of both high and low plains which have the best farmland in the country, helping it become the wealthiest province. (Capital is Ferrea)


Southwest Province, south of the western road, west of the Sevalla River. Contains mainly high plains, and some low plains. Good farmland and people are also known to be horse breeders. (Capital is Theas)


Western Province, west of the hills along the coast. Has some farmland and a large fishing fleet. Includes island chain off-shore. (Capital is Sur)


Northwest Province, west of the northern road, north of the western road. Hill country with pasture for a variety of animals. Some plains and clay soil for pottery. Considered poorest of the six provinces. (Capital is Kalkara)


Northeast Province, north of the eastern road, west of the Zidarian Mountains, east of the northern road. Is a thickly forested province and lumber exporter. (Capital is Crennard)


Easternmost Province, around the Zidarian Mountains. Main wealth from mining, but also pasture lands. People known as great masons. Khazaran influence in culture and language. (Capital is Dava)


Zidarian county.


Sevalian county (part of the King's territory).


Arvolian county.


Southeastern neighbor of Sevalia and former Sevalian enemy. Last major war stripped Khazaran of most of its territory.


Name for the old kingdom that until recently bordered Sevalia in the north. Shared cultural similarities with Sevalia. Known for its powerful fire mages.

Zidarian Mountains

Sevalian eastern mountain range.


Land east of the Zidarian Mountains where nothing grows after being damaged in the mage wars. Formerly Khazaran territory.

United Northern Republic 'UNR'

New name for the country that was Tenarra after the rebellion.

Southern Sea

Sea that borders Khazaran and Sevalia to the south.

Great Desert

Land across the southern sea. Home to the Rahtani tribes.


Port city on the southern coast at the mouth of the Sevalla River. In Arvolis province.


Sister city of Salara located in the same area but across the river in Vermillion province.

Religious and Magical Terms:


Sevalia uses seven-day weeks. The first day, Sevday, is a day of rest. Guild and noble houses hold prayer sessions where people may pray to any god of their choosing.

Midwinter Festival

The Sevalian festival to celebrate the beginning of winter. Traditions depend on the province.


Rahtani term for mage.


Term referring to a mistress of a Sevalian noble. A magistrice is traditionally a Tower mage, but must have some magical ability for the term to apply.


A male 'magistrice.'


Magical symbols used solely in the Sevalian Towers.

Brief History of Lands and Peoples


Founded roughly 1,000 years before the story takes place, Sevalia is a land of many peoples with many traditions. According to legend, it was united when the first Sevalian King, King Maximilian, conquered the tribes in the six lands: the Andur forest, the Zidarian Mountains, the eastern and western plains, the western coast, and the Tal-kenn hills. His conquest was facilitated by his powerful defense magic that made him practically invincible.

He effectively ended warfare among the tribes, but did not keep all power centralized under his rule or that of his heirs. Instead he had no sons, but seven daughters six of whom each married a man from a different tribal culture, forming the six provinces. The eldest daughter married the son of King Maximilian's closest friend and carried on the royal line that retained power over interprovincial disputes and the military.

The Towers and mage guilds began to form soon after he consolidated power and are supported by Sevalian taxes.



The kingdom of Khazaran is even older than Sevalia and was founded after some nomads conquered the plains east of the Zidarian mountains. They interbred with the locals and instantly recognized the power of mind magic. Using their new power, they planned invasion of the land now called Vermillion province in Sevalia.

Maximilian rose to power and stopped the invasion, but could not fully conquer Khazaran. His failure to unite all of the known lands opened Sevalia and Khazaran to future wars, which did occur with regularity. However, on the day the so-called 'Black Magister' was killed, the Badlands were also formed which wiped out two thirds of Khazaran territory. But it was not a clear Sevalian victory, as the Towers took heavy damage.

An accord was struck. The Khazaran royal heir was married to a Sevalian, and things remained more peaceful, but Khazaran's standard of living was poorer than Sevalia's, and its people were dissatisfied. Gradually its old aristocracy lost power in favor of a new oligarchy led by the most powerful merchant families. As Khazaran's wealth has increased, trade and diplomacy with Sevalia has also increased, as evidenced by Princess Aylin's invitation to become a Queen's Lady.


The Tenarran kingdom was founded when Sevalian fire mages invaded the northern territory. They believed the natives there were easy prey and in need of 'civilizing' after resisting multiple offers for them to join Sevalia peacefully, the first during the time of Maximilian. They also refused to support Sevalia in the mage wars with Khazaran, and the fire mages were convinced this was unjust because the northern tribes still benefitted from Sevalia's protection. The Sevalian royalty did not approve of the conquest, but did not act to prevent it because it could not afford to move military strength away from the eastern border.

The fire mages then founded the new kingdom, mimicking many Sevalian ways, adopting its language, erecting three new Towers and creating a similar system of provincial government, but without guilds. There was only one type of magic in Tenarra, fire magic, and the mages' strength was enhanced through breeding, often by force, with the native northern mages, many of whom were enslaved.

Tenarra's harsh rule incited multiple rebellions, but none were successful until the latest, most of which occurred just before the story takes place.

The Rahtani

The term Rahtani refers to the ancient race of people living in the Great Desert, though rather than one cohesive nation, they are really separated into various tribes which, by choice, have had little contact with the outside world. This, however, has been changing as the Hadast tribe has consolidated power with the goal to unite all the tribes. Hadast has also expanded trade with both Sevalia and Khazaran.