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  • Sequel Published!

  • I just hit the magic button on Amazon. It may take a few hours before it goes live, but it's done!

    I only have the eBook up. For the few who want a print copy, I'll be formatting and proofing it over the next couple weeks.

    So sorry for such a long, long, long wait. But for now, enjoy.

    It's Live!
    To Serve the King

    posted by Naomi Lane on March, 20

  • Sequel Release Date

  • Ok! Draft is going through final editing. Only small changes allowed at this point. The Kindle book will be released on February 1st. That date is firm.

    I'm going to put up the cover art and release date on the website as well as my first crack at a blurb. So close...

    posted by Naomi Lane on March, 15

  • Remaining Check List

  • I know it's been too long since I posted, so here goes. I did some editing after my initial draft feedback. I sent out a new draft for more feedback, and so far so good. I think it's close enough to move into final prep.

    Remaining things are:
    1) Final nits from readers
    2) Sharpen up fight scenes (trying to find a way to make them more interesting and not ridiculous.)
    3) Naming one last character (why am I so bad at naming? ugh!)
    4) Copy editing
    5) Cover Design
    6) Blurb

    Likely to follow after initial Kindle Book release:
    1) Any artwork (like maps)
    2) Any appendices
    3) Formatting for paperback version

    I really want it done by the end of this year. I know I've blown through a lot of deadlines, but I'm so close this time so no excuses!

    posted by Naomi Lane on March, 20

  • Sequel Feedback and Title

  • My initial readers liked the new sequel draft. I've done some editing. I think it's promising. It's not everything I had hoped it would be, but I really need to finish it and move on. Still some details to clean up, but I am moving forward.

    The title is To Serve the King.

    posted by Naomi Lane on March, 08

  • Draft In Hand

  • Yes, finally a draft with a reasonable length. It is actually about 10k words shorter than To Play the Lady. Which is good because it started out about 20k words longer. I still have editing to do and details to work out, but I think this is close enough I can finally put major editing aside and just get the stupid thing finished.

    posted by Naomi Lane on February, 26